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M. Dung Make Me
M.D.C. The Makepeace Brothers
M.I.A. Willem Maker
M83 The Makes Nice
Mac Lethal Kate Maki
Lindsay Mac Making Dinner
The Maccabees Kawabata Makoto
Killian MacGeraghty Malajube
Juan Maclean Malbec
Macromantics The Maldives
Mad Caddies Maldroid
Madame Blavatsky Overdrive Male Bonding
Madball Jesse Malin
Madelia Stephen Malkmus
Madison Paige The Mall
Madison Parkway The Mallard
Madraso Mark Mallman
Mae Mammal
The Mae Shi The Mammals
Audra Mae Mammatus
Maere Man In Space
Magic Bullets Man Man
Magic Kids Man or Astroman?
Magic Leaves Man Versus...
Magic Man Man//Beast
Magic Me Man/Miracle
Magic Mirror Manchester Orchestra
The Magic Numbers Eleni Mandell
Magic Trick Mando Diao
Magic Wands Mandrake
Magic Weapon Serena Maneesh
Magick Daggers Dan Mangan
Magik Magik Orchestra The Manges
Magik Markers Mangled Bohemians
Magnanimous Jeff Mangum
Magnet Maniac
Magneta Lane Manic Hispanic
The Magnetic Fields Manicato
Magnetic Morning Morgan Manifacier
Magnetix Manishevitz
Magnolia Electric Co. Aimee Mann
Magnus Hitch Jake Mann
Mahjongg Mannequin Men
Vusi Mahlasela Barbara Manning
Mahogany The Mansfields
Mark Mailman Manslaughter
The Maine Mantle
Luisa Maita The Mantles
Major US Cities Mantra
Make Amends Many Mansions
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Tahiti 80
Jay Farrar
Evan Dando
It Looks Like You
A Sides Win