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The National
Fox Theater - May 26, 2010
review by .emily.

My second show at the Fox. One of the members of the opening band, Ramona Falls, came on and played a solo acoustic song, which really showcased the absolutely fantastic sound quality of the Fox's system. I'm far from an audiophile, but this was ridiculous! It couldn't have been more perfect.

Once I stopped giving my full attention to the sound quality, I decided that the band itself was good too. The drummer/front man (who was set up in front on the side, not the usual drummer's spot) was like a baseball coach in the best possible way. Their music was a good complement to the National.

The National themselves were phenomenal, of course. Matt Berninger's voice is even better in person, and that's saying something. They played a good mix of crowd-pleasers, new songs, and a couple of old songs. Everyone was technically spot on, the crowd was excellent, and The Fox is beautiful.

The only sad part was that they didn't seem to be enjoying themselves terribly much. It felt, and I could be wrong, that touring is kind of a chore for them, which I hope isn't the case because that would be sad. However, The Fox was the perfect venue for them, and they were phenomenal, and I would certainly see them again.