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Black Lipstick [rank: 1288]

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Black Lipstick

'Remember when Keith Richards made love to a drinking fountain at the Alamo and was arrested for indecent mumbling? From that moment of passion, a boy sprouted into existence. 'Behold! I shall rock thee!' he said, and hence bought a guitar made from a coonskin cap and the whiskers of a mountain lion. Not the best sounding guitar, but whatever, that's his trip. Along with a chum from the school yard, they moved onward to Austin to start what would later be known as 'The Band That Changed It All' according to Rolling Pooh. After falling in love with a frog with a slender frame and sweet booty, the boy and she and the chum started to rock it and roll it.

But alas, something was amiss! In walked Bigfoot and pulled out his chubby. His chubby, bald friend the eagle was sleeping in his fur, you see. The eagle played his four string wings and they rocked so very awesomely into the night. Black Lipstick I dub thee! It may sound like a crazy, crazy dream, but it's all true. I know, for I was there. Bigfoot, 3:14. The history of Black Lipstick can be told in many ways. Another version of the story, one more grounded in facts, show a band widely lauded by the independent press for raunchy riffs, tasteful beats, a four-octave monotone and clever lyrical wit, centered on topics which seemed important at the time (blowing off work, getting f'd up, getting by, stealing girlfriends and keeping them). Some stoner dude from a liberal arts college blogged that they sound like a cross between the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, The Clean and The Feelies on acid, in a blender, while having Tom Verlaine and Moe Tucker's Modern Love child.

History is nothing more than a chronicle of human experiences. Sincerely, Black Lipstick is a tale of natural history. Cycle. Rebirth. I will now put down my quill pen, close this leather bound tome and commence a really bad-ass solo.'

[reproduced or excerpted from band website linked above]

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