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David Bazan [rank: 503]

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David Bazan
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Jul 2 2007 Sep 28 2009

With all due respect to T. William Walsh, Pedro The Lion was David Bazan. These days, David Bazan is just David Bazan, except when he's Headphones. David Bazan is not a simple man. His name seems unable to appear in an article without the word "Christianity" appearing nearby (case in point). And yet call his music Christian Rock and not only would his fans cringe in pain, but you'd be all kinds of wrong. His songs may be wrought with religious imagery, but his lurid tales of murder and deceit don't exactly carry the listener joyfully into the arms of Jesus our Lord.

David Bazan tells stories. Not in that Bruce Springsteen way, though. Instead of championing the everyman, Bazan climbs onto his back and rides him solemnly downward into Hell. The murder, the deceit - it's all there - but what's also there is basic humanity - right out there in the open. It can be downright brutal. And beautiful.

Take a moment. Find your favorite chair, throw on some over-the-ear headphones and listen to "Bad Diary Days" (off of "It's Hard To Find A Friend"). The story is a simple one of a relationship gone wrong. The words are sparse and straight-forward. The melody is wholly uncomplicated. The ultimate effect is long-exhale devastating.

Whether performing as Pedro The Lion, under his own name, or as his electronic side project Headphones, David Bazan is a shadow storyteller, spinning small immoral morality tales from our dark peripheries. Christian or otherwise.


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May 30, 2013 - LA living room popup ira
May 7, 2012 - Oakland living room popup ira
Oct 1, 2009 - Independent popup ira
Jun 21, 2007 - Bottom of the Hill popup ira
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