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Facing New York [rank: 1163]

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Facing New York

"Facing New York is a four-piece, progressive, indie rock band from the California, Bay Area, who formed in January of 2004, or 2020 as it is stated on their Myspace. The original five members formed from mutual bands from the Bay Area scene. Omar Cuellar and Matt Fazzi left their band, Tragedy Andy, to pursue a new musical direction, while Eric Frederic and Rene Carranza's band, Locale A.M. had recently disbanded. Eric continued to write music and along with Rene, the two began to jam with Matt Fazzi. Omar was then invited into the project and the four then began Facing New York. Brandon Canchola was the first bass player auditioned and was soon added, completing the line up. The band then immediately began to tour extensively over the next year, gaining a reputation for their inventive sound and style with intense and energetic live performances."

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