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Guillemots [rank: 1057]

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"Guillemots (sometimes written gUiLLeMoTs) are an English avant-garde pop and indie rock band formed in November 2004 by Fyfe Dangerfield. Fyfe Dangerfield began writing songs in his native Birmingham. His early band, Senseless Prayer, recorded a session for John Peel's Radio 1 show in 1999. Dangerfield then began song writing under the name 'Fyfe Dangerfield and the Accident', and in 2004 he featured alongside Misty's Big Adventure, Mike in Mono, Dreams of Tall Buildings, and X Is Greater Than Y on a promotional CD that was offered free with The Birmingham Post, called Broader Than Broad Street. He then joined old school friend, Paul 'Booby' Tooby, on his 'Ragamuffin Blues but Holes in my Shoes' tour.

Dangerfield later moved to Bromsgrove, and more recently London, where he recruited the current line up. He also became a maverick music teacher for Cranbrook College. The name of the band causes some confusion for those unaware of its meaning. It is the plural of the name of a group of seabirds (but most often meaning the Common Guillemot Uria aalge) and should be pronounced 'gillimott' (and not in a French style). The 4-piece are often joined by two saxophone and woodwind players, Alex Ward and Chris Cundy, who are known as the 'Bridled Guillemots' (a real-life variation of the band's namesake)."

[reproduced or excerpted from the Wikipedia article "Guillemots (band)" and its use is thus licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License]

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