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Pixies [rank: 28]

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Dec 07


Fox Theater
8:00 PM (doors 7:00 PM)
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Pixies are pretty much as classic as they get when it comes to early '90s indie rock legends. Named after a word they randomly chose out of a dictionary, the group felt drawn to the definition of "pixies": "mischievous little elves", which certainly fits their musical approach. Their style is both beautiful and punk, sexy to the bone. Surf rock influences many of their riffs, which gives their songs a sensation of seedy dive bars where crime runs rampant. Black Francis (or Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV), who writes most of their songs, adds to their effect by singing about dark and quirky subjects, such as bodily harm.

The members of Pixies never changed. They decided on an extended hiatus--but never changed their lineup. Out of Boston in 1986, Pixies initiated their formation when Joey Santiago began introducing his college buddy, (at University of Massachusetts, Amherst) Black Francis to classic punk acts. Their bassist Kim Deal, who had never played bass before her audition, joined the band and suggested they invite her twin sister, Kelley, to play as their drummer. After kelley denied their invitation, Kim brought on David Lovering after meeting him at her own wedding.

Throughout and after their hiatus which lasted eleven years beginning in 1993 due to in-group fighting and personal difficulties such as drugs, members of Pixies moved on to other projects. While drummer David Lovering became a professional magician, Kim Deal teamed up with her sister to form '90s alt-rock group The Breeders, who tasted success with their hit "Cannonball". Charles Thompson began his solo-career under the name Frank Black, with whom Santiago worked with a bit. Santiago also played with The Martinis (who you might recognize from the ultra-'90s but ultra-awesome film Empire Records).

The reunion of Pixies and their subsequent reunion tour brought countless fans a show they thought they would never see again. It also brought a documentary about the group's coming back together. Despite their obstacles and mainstream success after serving as the song during Fight Club's final scene and featured song its soundtrack, Pixies' incredible ability to stun us with their earnest and raw '90s indie sound will never fade away...and luckily they've brought it back for us.


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