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Rilo Kiley [rank: 41]

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Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley is named after band member Blake Sennett's dream where he was chased by a sports almanac, which Sennett read after it caught up with him. In his dream, Sennett read a blurb about a (non-existent) Australian football player named Rilo Kiley. From there, the band got their name. However, other tales of their name's origin subside, such as a character in Sennett's dream that predicted band mate Jenny Lewis' death.

The band formed with a slight advantage: not just one, but two of the members of Rilo Kiley were successful child actors. While front-woman Jenny Lewis acted on Troop Beverly Hills and The Wizard, Blake Sennett was a character on both Salute Your Shorts and Boy Meets World! So, beginning with two known child actors did not hurt their ability to attain exposure. However, their sound, too, certainly played the largest role in their success. As an indie rock group, Rilo Kiley makes poppy, catchy tunes whose instrumentals are just as bouncy as Lewis' girlish vocals.

Rilo Kiley has released a few successful albums and have worked with various other acts. Sennett and Bosel have played with The Elected. Other than Lewis' solo project, she has worked with The Postal Service. Additionally, the band as a whole has opened for Bright Eyes and Coldplay.


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