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Sigur Rós [rank: 25]

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Sigur Rós

Out of Iceland in 1994 and formed by Jón Þór Birgisson, Ágúst Ævar Gunnarsson and Georg Hólm, the group named themselves after Birgisson's sister Sigurrós, who was born the same day the band formed. Within two years of signing with Bad Taste and releasing their first album Von in 1997, Sigur Rós achieved international recognition and audiences. The band has since showcased their tunes on various film soundtracks, such as on The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Sigur Rós is known for its use of cryptic lyrics that don't seem to make much sense to anyone who is not part of the band. This lyrical technique is termed "Vonlenska"--or in English, "Hopelandic". This term helps explain the name of the band's debut album, Von. Their instrumentals can be equally evasive in its minimalist ambient and post-rock approach. Their sound could be compared to those of Amiina and Múm.


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