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60 Watt Kid [rank: 1621]

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60 Watt Kid

"60 Watt Kid make music for that fourth dimension, that realm of theoretical sonics and mad science. What if you could watch Little Richard c. 1957, electrifying audiences with performances the likes of which they’d never seen, practically starting riots, and yet you could see fifty years ahead to an old queen in layers of pancake make-up and bowling shoes, on television commercials, the only way he could get on TV these days, a parody of himself. What if these two Little Richards existed at once and strings connected them through the fifty years and when one pushed, the other pulled and strings existed between every rock icon and casualty in between and between the teenager spinning his 45 and the teenager (or senior) downloading his MP3.

60 Watt Kid ride these strings like the magical Ley lines of old Mason magic, P2P connections between moments (and melodies) in time. The San Francisco trio simultaneously pays homage to the culture of stripped-down rock n roll while abusing it irreverently, tweaking it with wacked out of time beats and infinite reverb. They blend psychedelic experimental pop with electronic glitches and old rock n roll chops. Is this transcendence by way of the gospel or jacking into the ether and losing yourself in cyberspace? If the path is improvised, does it matter? Will you ascend to heaven on a staircase, will you be beamed in via teleporter or have you always been there? Is it genre A colored by genre B and laced with elements of genre C? We’re back to three dimensions and that is not where this band dwells. Sci-fi fascinations, pulsing rhythms, intertwining fingerpicking, blurbing analog synths, electronic tweaking, space echoes, charisma, comedy, and alien visitations. . A spiritual evangelistic preacher that casts spells onto his audiences."

[reproduced or excerpted from band website linked above]

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Apr 26, 2008 - Independent popup lexicon
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