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Sun Hotel [rank: 1633]

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Sun Hotel

Sun Hotel is from New Orleans. They call their music post-gospel/indie rock. I call it fun, rich, hook-filled rock. Listening to the soaring climax of "Palms" off of their debut LP Coast, I couldn't help but think of Band Of Horses. In a good way.



Bandega Interview with John St. Cyr of Sun Hotel (December 2010)

Sun Hotel is not lounge-crunk.

Q: The band clearly identifies strongly with the city of New Orleans. How does this come out in your music?
A: There's a lot of connotation that goes along with saying you're a band from New Orleans. Before it became almost completely synonymous with blues and jazz music and getting down at Mardi Gras, New Orleans used to be associated with spooky swamps, voodoo witches and pretending prohibition never happened. I just don't think we'll ever be able to get totally out of the swampy four on the floor spooks that come out in our songs every so often (or getting down at Mardi Gras).

Q: You describe your music as "post-gospel". What does this mean to you?
A: I always think of "post-gospel" as this kind of affiliation we give ourselves with some of the more passionate music of the early 20th century. We take a lot of influence from their really prominent use of vocal harmony and from the more stream-of-consciousness lyrics, but definitely put it through our own modern filters. Also "lounge-crunk" was already taken.

Q: Describe the most memorable live show you've played.
A: Definitely one of the most fun shows that I can remember was Geronimo Fest in Lafayette, LA this past February. It was one of those city-wide events with bands spread out through venues and outdoor stages across the city, and one of our first times in front of a potentially really big audience. We were set to play late in the day at a venue called Blue Moon Saloon, with another stage outside the only other music at the time. Just before we were set to play, though, the outdoor stage was shut down by the po, and the remainder of the bands on that stage were moved to ours. So by the time we started our set, the crowds had combined to pack Blue Moon to the brim. All of our nervous energy combined with the crowd's excitement, and the word "rage" turned into a verb.

Q: What venue do you consider to be your "home", where you feel most comfortable, with the crowd and the place itself?
A: Definitely the Circle Bar in New Orleans. It's a decrepit old Victorian house converted into a bar, with bands playing in the living room in front of the fireplace. It's dirty and dingy and you'd be lucky to fit 30 people in it on a good day, but it somehow just translates into the perfect intimate show environment. It just feels good. Here's a picture of it.

Q: Describe the most enjoyable show you've ever experienced as a fan.
A: Any and every show by Houston noise rapper B L A C K I E.

Q: How did your recording experiences differ, between your earlier EPs and your debut LP Coast?
A: Coast was really the first time we were able to take full advantage of a studio environment to experiment in recording. Our earlier recording efforts, especially the Team Spirit EP, were very piecemeal; the majority of the tracking for Team Spirit was actually done for some of our friends' studio tech projects for class. With Coast, we had 24 hour access to the studio for a week, so we were really able to live and breathe the recording process (while also chain-smoking, living on Chinese food, and sleeping under the mixing board).

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