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Greek Theatre - Aug 24, 2007
review by esabel

Sucking down $7 mini-beers before the show and breathing in the abundance of pot smoke circulating in the Greek Theatre, we debated with the people sitting next to us if Wilco sold out by letting their songs be used for Volkswagen commercials.

Whatever. If I struggled for decades trying to make it as a musician I might have the right to judge, although those Volkswagen commercials are pretty lame (car thief decides to return VW Beetle after friendly people wave at him. right.)

The show was solid. The crowd was adoring, what with all the head-bobbing, cheering and singing along, and Jeff Tweedy and the band seemed entirely at ease and in good spirits. Nels Cline, resplendent in bright red flood-ready pants, added his customary guitar fire to the mix, making a nice contrast to the delicate, jangly side of Wilco.

The set was generous, with two long encores, including an epic rendition of show closer 'Spiders (Kidsmoke).'