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Bandega is all about you and your favorite bands. You subscribe to your favorites and we tell you when they're coming to town. Subscribing to bands is as easy as clicking once on the subscribe icon symbol to the left of the band you want to add. When you click it, it'll turn into a subscribed icon and that's it - you're done. Then, anywhere on the Bandega site that you see the subscribed icon, you'll know that you're already subscribed to that band. If you ever want to unsubscribe from a band, simply click the subscribed icon and it will turn back into a subscribe icon. It's that easy.

The best part is, these little icons will appear virtually everywhere you see an artist or band name on the Bandega site, so you can subscribe/unsubscribe to bands from almost every page.


Q: What's "indie" exactly?
A: Indie is an admittedly vague term. For the purposes of Bandega, it refers to solo artists and bands that, for the most part (but not necessarily), are signed to small independent labels. However, sometimes small bands get signed to bigger labels, and other times, small labels become big (see Sub Pop). It's a bit complicated, but you can think about it this way: if the only radio station you can hear a band on is your local college radio, then it's probably indie. Doesn't matter if it's alt-country, freak folk, punk or new wave; at Bandega, we're going with "indie."

Q: Why are you only including certain bands in the "indie" genre? Why not jazz, blues or classical, for example?
A: We've gotta start somewhere and this is the kind of music we see live most often. Maybe someday, we'll expand to cover other indie bands that fall into other categories. In the meantime, if you search for a band in our database and can't find it, please submit the band name using our Suggest a Band feature.

Q: What's wrong with well-known bands that get played on the radio? Why can't you tell me when U2 is coming to town?
A: There's nothing wrong with U2. We just figure it's a little easier to find out when they're playing at your local amphitheater than it is to find out when the The Oohlas are playing at the Rickshaw Stop.

Q: What venues do you cover?
A: We cover indie shows (not all shows) at the following venues: 12 Galaxies, Berkeley Greek Theatre, Bimbo's 365 Club, Bottom of the Hill, Cafe du Nord, Elbo Room, Fillmore Auditorium, Great American Music Hall, Hemlock Tavern, Hotel Utah, Independent, Make-Out Room, Mezzanine, Paramount Theatre, Red Devil Lounge, Rickshaw Stop, Slim's, Swedish American Music Hall, Warfield Theatre.

Q: Why don't you include other venues?
A: We try to cover all venues where indie bands play in the San Francisco Bay Area. If we've missed one, please let us know at

Q: Why do you only cover the San Francisco Bay Area?
A: That's where we are so that's where we're starting; but the plan is to expand to other cities in the future.

Q: Can I post a review of a show?
A: Yes! We encourage users to submit show reviews by going to the band page for the show you'd like to review and filling out the Submit Show Review form at the bottom of the page. We can't guarantee that your review will be posted (see Terms & Conditions section 19, "Posting Reviews," for details), but there's a good chance it'll be online within a few days. We'll be on the lookout for talented writers and have at least a few slots open for users to become ongoing Bandega reviewers.

Q: I love Bandega. How can I support all of your hard work?
A: There are several ways you can support Bandega:

  • purchase tickets by clicking on the "tickets" buttons throughout the site
  • purchase music by clicking on the iTunes links on band pages
  • purchase music (and anything else, really — books, electronics, etc.) by clicking on the Amazon album cover links on band pages
  • contribute directly to Bandega by making a donation via PayPal
We appreciate your support!

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